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General Artist Participation Guidelines and Rules (Please read!) :

There is a $50 entrance fee/deposit for all DAM Event participants (unless otherwise negotiated). This fee can be paid through Paypal or Venmo. The deposit is used to ensure that all participating artists are invested and contributing to the event's success.


Deposits are due at the time of confirmation, and no later than one week prior to the event.

In exchange for the fee, you will be provided with :
- High quality event photos
- High quality video footage
- Up to a 4 min performance slot (unless otherwise negotiated)
- Promo on the website & social media
- Performer Gift
- Performers – up to 10 supporting artist cast members allowed
- Vendors – up to 2 supporting staff allowed (table is an additional $15 rental)



Q : How can Artists make money from being in a DAM event?
A : Participating Artists each have their own HOST CODE which can be used for online purchases and tracking purposes. The DAM team will tally the amount of times the code was used and pay Artists out within 2 weeks of the event.

For Artists in the DAMsf show @ DNA Lounge: 
Online Presales = $2 per ticket received. Door Sales = $5 of each ticket received. 


For Artists in the DAMgrown show @ The Uptown:
Online Presales = $2 per ticket received. Door Sales = $5 of each ticket received. 


For Artists in the 7th West Show: This event is free to the public, so attendees will need to check in at the door using the Host Code in order for performers to get paid. Each check-in = $1 to the artist. 


Please note : DAM Events is all about building habits and positive rapport, which then opens the doors to getting hired for work and connecting with like-minded artists throughout the Bay. Bring your most positive & professional foot forward - make sure to talk to people at and before the event to get the most out of your time/investment in the DAM network. 



Additional Rules/Guidelines :
- All DAM Participants & Performers must arrive by beginning of tech rehearsal and be ready to perform by the time doors open to the public. Any missed tech is considered a forfeited performance.
- Show & Tech Times will be no less than 10 minutes per act and will be distributed no later than 3 days before event.
- Slots are secured first come first serve upon completion of show Deposit.
- All Music and Rosters must be submitted one week prior to showcase.
- All Promotional Materials must be submitted at the time of applying.


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